Making hay while the sun shines

For most of last year I had a clear opportunity to rack up the cycling miles. A fixed place of work within a cyclable commute allowed me to live without a car for 9 months. However, things changed this year and I have to make the most of any opportunity to ride. Rather than churning out daily miles and conserving energy for the next day I now ride hard and rest. This week I had one day to cycle to work so I opted for the special bike and thrashed it like there was no tomorrow. I rode the 16 miles in at an average of 21mph and made the more uphill return at an average of 20mph, arriving into my village with dribble foaming at the corners of the mouth like some rabid dog. The next day my legs felt dead which was fine as I had to drive.

Another enjoyable side-effect of my new regime was dropping a friend a few times on a recent ride. He has always been a stronger rider than me so it felt strange to be slowing down for him, or waiting at the top of climbs. Last year I was convinced that the more I rode the better cyclist I would become. However I seem to be getting better by doing less.

Nothing feels better than dropping a mate on a climb

Saying “that photographer got the exact moment I dropped you” is a sure-fire way to lose a friend

4 thoughts on “Making hay while the sun shines

  1. tootlepedal says:

    Quality will always beat dull quantity. If you want to cycle faster, you have to practise cycling faster. Sadly, you need quantity as well.for the best return. Impressive uphill speed. We need pictures of the mad dog mouth foaming.

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