Push it to the limit

A few weeks ago I wrote that riding less and resting more seemed to be improving my cycling ability. I’ve no idea whether this assumption was true. There are so many other factors that could be involved in improved fitness, and my general approach to cycling is so unscientific that I really have no idea. The only certainty is that I will cycle whenever I can, and that my approach to life is to stay active because there’ll be plenty of time to rest when you’re dead.

Over the last week my ride hard & then rest strategy has been long forgotten. I’ve ridden 175 miles in 5 days and plan to cover another 40 miles tomorrow. Mostly this has been commuting to work, although Wednesday was a day of extremes. I rode the 16 miles to work in the morning, 16 miles back home before quickly changing bikes and cycling 5 miles to the start of a local time-trial. I then raced the 10 mile time-trial at a personal best before another 5 quick miles back home to watch the football. Unfortunately, upon arriving home I was too far beyond the point of being hungry and so exhausted that I found myself struggling to breathe properly. After munching a banana I dropped to the floor of the lounge in an ungainly heap, much to my wife’s bemusement.

"who is this funny man that I married?"

“who is this funny man that I married?”

After a few minutes I stepped back into reality and peeled myself off the floor. Tomorrow is my last day of riding, after which I will take a couple of day’s rest. Long may this haphazard approach to life & cycling continue.

8 thoughts on “Push it to the limit

  1. Sandra says:

    What a hilarious photo, banana peel at your side. :-). Good job!! I understand the whole “hard to breathe” part! You’ll be ready on Sunday!

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