A sign of things to come

Change is afoot at La Maison de BikeVCar with Mrs BVC well along the pregnancy path. Tomorrow will be a big day where we should hopefully find out whether she is carrying a girl-cyclist or a boy-cyclist. However, when a mate phoned me up on Monday and said he’d just won a competition for him and a friend to go on an all-expenses paid, five-day cycling training camp to Majorca this weekend with Team Sky. And would I like to come, I quickly realised that flying out on Thursday would mean missing a momentous first family occasion so it was a tough decision. But it was a quick decision and I know I made the right choice.

"Buenos días!"

“Buenos días!”

Just kidding. I turned down the invitation from my friend and will be off to the hospital tomorrow with my wife. However, this is surely an early sign of things to come. Bike v Car v Baby.

13 thoughts on “A sign of things to come

  1. bgddyjim says:

    They don’t get the balance thing till they hit two – just be warned. It’s trikes till then. ;). Congratulations brother. I have a feeling that kid will be blessed to have dad like you – nice work passing on the vacation. Mrs. BVC better hook you up with some serious points for that one.

  2. tuckamoredew says:


    That reminds me of the doc “Ride the Divide” where one of the competitors skipped out on the last month of his wife’s pregnancy to do the race.

  3. traumfahrrad says:

    Congratulations! Hopefully I’m some vague kind of proof that you can still ride a bike and be a Dad with a 4 month old baby.

    I expect to see plans for the child-carrying chariot in due course.

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