Building a cycle path – completing the sub-base

With a firm and level sub-grade established, the next step in the process of the cycleway was the construction of the sub-base. This required importing several tonnes of crushed rock which was laid and compacted using a roller.

Sub-base compaction

Sub-base compaction

This then acted as a capping over the sub-grade soil allowing us to traffic site plant to lay the concrete edging kerbs. These were bedded on a lean-mix concrete base to ensure they were adequately supported both in the construction phase and the final scheme.

Edging kerbs being laid

Edging kerbs being laid

Concrete edging well-supported by in-situ concrete base

Edging kerb well-supported by in-situ concrete surround

Further crushed stone was then imported and laid to the final sub-base formation level and compacted ready for the “fun” part – the roadbase. The only thing more enjoyable in the construction industry than watching concrete being poured is seeing (and smelling) hot Tarmac being laid.

Sub-base crushed stone prior to compaction

Sub-base and kerbs ready for road base

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