The side effects of drug-taking on an immobile cyclist

I have been struck down by back injury, restricting me to the bed or the floor for the past 3 days. It’s frustrating, but on balance I’ve been relatively injury-free so far this year so have to accept this as part of leading an active life. I can’t think of a particular flash-point which caused the injury, more likely it was a culmination of many stresses. I spent the weekend watching DVDs and then phoned work to call in sick today. When I explained to a colleague that I’d had a boring weekend laying on the sofa watching movies, he replied that he’d had a fantastic weekend doing the very same thing!

To add to the drama I have been relying on my pregnant wife who is due this week to do any lifting or carrying for me. The thought of her going into labour with me in a completely useless state was quite worrying. This morning I phoned my doctor to explain my problem and the unfortunate timing and was prescribed an amazing cocktail of drugs to get me back on my feet. Strong pain killers, muscle-relaxants and anti-inflammatories have worked wonders and this afternoon I was taking my first tentative steps which was a good improvement from crawling around the house on all fours.

Fortunately most of the baby-related DIY projects are now complete and our house is ready for the forthcoming new arrival. The only thing missing was a few colourful pictures so I decided to alleviate the afternoon boredom by doing a little drawing. I’m not sure how much the codeine was kicking in at this point, but a moment of inspiration lead to Eddy Merckx being depicted as a cycling cow.

The cannibal

The cannibal

Eddy Moox

Eddy Moox

Spurred on by this, next on the agenda was a crocodile version:



Cycling animals framed and ready for scaring the baby

Cycling animals framed and ready for scaring a poor little baby

I’d found the frames in a charity shop a few weeks ago had sprayed them gold. I think the pictures should add a bit of colour to the bedroom. But I might wait a few years before confessing to being away with the fairies at the time I drew them.

This evening I was back on my feet and moving around the house. Fingers crossed I’ll be back on the bike again soon.

9 thoughts on “The side effects of drug-taking on an immobile cyclist

    • bikevcar says:

      I drove to a meeting today and then spent 5 minutes struggling to get out of the car. Fortunately a little old lady came and helped me. It was a tragic situation. I promptly swallowed a handful of Valium and then day-dreamed my way through the meeting.

  1. tuckamoredew says:

    Danged Awkward timing. Hope you’re feeling better soon. With the nifty pictures, you are following a time honoured tradition of creating art while whacked out of one’s mind on drugs.

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