Stealing a few hours to cycle

With a new baby in the house we are currently low on sleep and time; the weather has also been crappy so I hadn’t been out cycling for two weeks. I did have a couple of spins on the torture-trainer in the garage to keep within shouting distance of the house, but cycling on a stationary trainer takes away the fun and only really serves to maintain fitness.

However the past few days we have had grannies in the house. Both our mums came to stay and provided us with some help and support. This afternoon the incessant rain finally stopped and I was encouraged to get out of the house for a cycle.

The last days of sun - short sleeved jersey and shorts

Possibly one of the last sunny days this year

granny time

Granny time

I opted for a 30 mile ride, starting with a flat loop of the lake, a long climb up the Mendips followed by an enjoyable descent. It was great to be riding in fingerless gloves, shorts and a short-sleeved jersey at this time of the year.  I didn’t ride at any great speed but it felt reinvigorating to be on the bike. The roads were quite mucky after recent heavy rains, so I was glad to have recently changed over to winter tyres with mudguards.

Winter tyres

Ready for foul weather

It may be another few days before I get out again so the turbo-training could play another role. However our lives are currently revolving around the baby and inside the house so there isn’t much car mileage to compete against for now.

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