Dig a hole and bury yourself

The more I cycle the more blasé I become regarding nutrition. The weather was beautiful this afternoon as Spring seemed to explode in warm sunshine, making up for the last few days of muggy, drizzly and humid cycles to work. There’s nothing quite as unpleasant as the ‘boil in the bag’ effect caused by cycling in waterproofs on a warm but rainy day. Being a Friday I decided to take full advantage of the sunshine and escaped work early to enjoy an extended cycle home. I started the ride with a 10 mile detour along Cotswold country lanes which eventually spat me out on a familiar road but due to the circuitous nature of the detour still relatively close to my starting point. For whatever reason I felt absolutely trashed by this point. I felt like I’d dug myself into a hole with no other option than to battle on and either dig myself out, or failing that completely bury myself. It’s at times like these that an energy gel or banana in the back pocket would save the day.

Instead I rode on, zoning out on the climbs and slowly working my way towards home. Fortunately my wife had embarked on a baking mission this afternoon and I arrived home to an array of freshly made cookies in the kitchen. Twelve cookies followed by a hot bath seemed to resuscitate my mind. This was only my second 100 mile week of the year and I’m looking forward to some rest this weekend …

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