You know you’ve been injured a long time when …

… you visit the Strava website, just to check what your mates have been up to … and it asks you to enter your password to log in. “Who are you, stranger?”

Trapped a nerve in my back. 3 weeks without cycling. Hopefully back soon ………….

8 thoughts on “You know you’ve been injured a long time when …

    • bikevcar says:

      Thanks mate. Have been seeing the physio twice a week and nearly there. Can’t wait to get back to cycling, running, and all those other thousand projects which have been stacking up!

  1. Haydn Jones says:

    How’s the ‘rehab’ going and your back? Loads of people seem to be carrying injuries at the moment! Everywhere I read someone’s had an ‘off’ or is training to get back on the bike! Fingers crossed I’ve missed to do the same!

    • bikevcar says:

      Getting there, thanks. I felt strong enough to do a light workout at the gym and a bit of a spin on a stationary bike last week. It’s a long road back to full fitness but I’ve accepted that and am up for the challenge now!

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