On the (indoor) road to recovery

After 6 weeks of pain I made a tentative return to cycling this week; unfortunately not being quite recovered enough to do more than 20 minutes on the turbo trainer. Despite my usual reluctance to use the dreaded contraption, I actually enjoyed it and was pleased that my body reacted ok with nothing more than a bit of muscle tightness for a couple of days afterwards.


20 minutes on the bike, 30 minutes off the bike fiddling around with bits of equipment 

It felt great to be strong enough to do something more strenuous than rolling on a foam roller. Although I had been been doing that strenuously and often enough to wear out my wife’s old styrofoam roller and had to splurge on one of those expensive rigid rollers as a replacement. I bought one in hot pink by way of apology as this is my wife’s favourite colour. On top of this I been attending weekly pilates classes on my quest to become a bit more flexible. Unfortunately, by spending most of my time looking after a baby, rolling on a pink roller and attending pilates classes I was beginning to question my masculinity. So it’s nice to get back to something close to resembling normal service.

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