The Recovery Week

There are a number of reasons for taking time off from exercise. Allowing your body to heal fully after several weeks of a strenuous programme is one. Taking heed of the sensible advice from a loved one that maybe you’re doing too much too soon after returning from an injury or illness is another. Even if that sensible advice manifests itself as unwelcome nagging. If you think the nagging’s bad, just imagine what the “I told you so’s” are going to feel like.

Endurance sports and weight lifting both tend to recommend a full rest week at least every 8 to 10 weeks to allow muscles to repair and fitness to increase. Other sports such as golf, fishing or darts recommend that you do something strenuous every few weeks just to remind yourself that your sport is actually rest.

This week I am having a recovery week. It’s certainly easier to enforce rest when the weather’s bad and you’ve got lots of other things to keep you busy. I had been out for a long run and a good cycle last week, and despite following the surgeon’s advice about rehabilitation times, I still don’t want to risk overdoing it and injuring any newly healed tissue. This week was also the first time our daughter tried cycling. She was as unhappy about cycling as I am about not cycling. Great teamwork.

I'm only crying because this bike has too many wheels

I’m only crying because this bike has one too many wheels

Next week I hope to return feeling stronger, fitter and mentally refreshed. Well, at least as mentally and physically refreshed as you can feel with a young toddler in the house.


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