Not Rule 5

Man, have I gone soft. Or maybe just fussy. Or maybe fussy and soft. Either way I’m definitely not hard. I went out for a ride this afternoon in what looked to be a fine Spring day, but seemed to turn into a harsh Winter within minutes of the ride. Wind and cold and rain and blah blah blah, all the normal things you should expect at this time of year. Rather than becoming a fair-weather cyclist, I seem to have gone the whole hog and become a fair-season cyclist. Basically, today was too cold and I woosed out. I was hoping to ride for a couple of hours but a hail storm in the first half hour completely killed my spirits. Cycling in a hail storm feels like having your face sand-blasted. At least it does if you’re a woosey cyclist who needs to “harden the f**k up”. Anyway, it seems fairly unlikely that I would take up face-sandblasting as a hobby, so maybe hail-storm cycling in freezing weather just isn’t for me. And if that makes me a “fair-weather” cyclist then so be it.

Shortly after the face sand-blasting I turned up a hill. After a few hundred metres the road went from slush to ice. I stopped. Got off the bike and thought: “this is nuts, I’m going home”. And I did.

Roll on Spring …

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