Return of the Baby Chariot

The weather this past week has been glorious and seemed a perfect opportunity to attach the child seat to my bike and take our young lamb out for her first chariot ride of the year. She’s changed a lot since I last took her out, probably 6 months ago. Mostly she’s learned the word “no” and knows how to stubbornly use it. So it was with slight trepidation that I got us ready.

Sit in here? On the back of that bike?  ... "NO!"

Sit in here? On the back of that bike? … Ha ha … “NO!”

Anyway, despite a few initial complaints about the shoulder straps and the helmet, as soon as we were on our way she started happily chatting away. “Daddy bike … me bike …”


“As long as you don’t strap my feet in, we’ve got a deal.” 

The big difference from last year is the talking. She was chatting away as we rode. Actually that’s a lie, the big difference from last year is her weight. She’s well over 30lbs now so I avoided any hilly roads! Today’s mission was to find some “baby sheeps”.


We rode a couple of miles from home before taking a sheep and water break 

Mummy sheep and baby sheep

“Mummy sheep and baby sheep”

It was then time to head back home and I made the same mistake for approximately the millionth time. Asking her a question that really should have been a command. It goes something like, “Ok, shall we get back on the bike?” Answer “No.”


“Ok, well do you want to walk the 2 miles home?”

As well as dribbling on my water bottle, we’d also shared a banana while we stopped. In theory it’s nice to get her to eat outside the house as it usually avoids any cleaning up. However, rather than eat her piece she firmly gripped it the whole way home before immediately dropping it on the kitchen floor. If this is a game then I’m definitely points down.


She celebrated her victory by painting her face in “noghurt” 

5 thoughts on “Return of the Baby Chariot

  1. tootlepedal says:

    Never ever ask a question when you don’t like the answer. I drives me mad when I hear parents do this when they don’t pay any attention to the answers that they get. Lovely child.

    • biking2work says:

      That’s funny-exactly what I tell my boys when they don’t like my answer. It goes something like,”well if you don’t like that answer, don’t ask ask me that question again…” soo stops them moaning.

  2. biking2work says:

    That beought back great memories of humpimg my 2 about. I was still taking my youngest to Nursery when he was 4. An extra 20kg on the back made me feel like Wiggins on other rides when he wasn’t there

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