Injury-free in 2015

With a couple of hours to go this year I feel like it’s hopefully safe to say that I’ve completed my relatively modest goal for the year: to stay injury-free. For me 2014 was a year full of injuries and illness so I decided to apply a little moderation this year to avoid my run of injuries. This meant a bit less cycling which wasn’t very “bike-v-car” and bit more running, strength and flexibility training to balance my approach to exercise.

Anyway, whether through luck or judgement I managed to get out and cycle throughout the whole year. In all I cycled 2500 miles and ran 250 miles, which averaged out at 3 hours of cycling and half an hour of running per week. Not too shabby.

The goal for next year is to try and increase the weekly mileage and maybe get back involved with some competitive cycling again with the local club. And to keep enjoying it. Happy New Year everyone.


Keep riding 

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