It takes two to tangle

I was involved in a bit of a nasty cycling accident on Sunday. To make matters worse it was my wheel that actually made contact with the guy who went down – a work client no less. If cycling is the ‘new golf’ for networking, I’m not sure of the positive networking effects of hospitalising a work client on a corporate group ride!

I went riding on Sunday with a client I’ve been working for. It was all going well until the two of us got a bit hot-headed and decided to race down someone who’d overtaken our group … boys will be boys. We shot off, and soon after I felt the sensation of a wheel hitting my rear wheel, followed by the horrible sound of a clattering bike and person behind me. I quickly braked and turned around to be met with the sight of a client and friend crumpled in a heap and groaning loudly in the road.

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After some amateur attempts at first aid (luckily no mouth to-mouth) we enlisted a stopped car to take him back to my house which was fortunately nearby. After some further questionable attempts at first aid, I drove him to the A&E walk-in clinic in Bristol to receive some proper medical attention – basically a couple of stitches to the elbow and a hug. We were very lucky it wasn’t anything more serious as my Strava account showed we were doing 25mph at the moment we crashed.

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I felt a bit responsible so sent him some vouchers to buy a new helmet to replace the one that was cracked from the impact of the crash. ‘There but for the grace of God go I’, etc. It could easily have been either of us that went down.

Anyway, most importably his bike was ok. And it already seems to be a great story for everyone we work with. Maybe hospitalising a client is good for business … ride safe all.

7 thoughts on “It takes two to tangle

  1. tootlepedal says:

    Boys will be boys but I am glad that you have come out of the accident not too badly on all fronts. Looking at some of the crashes on the Vuelta shows just how durable you cylists are.

  2. bgddyjim says:

    Technically, he hit your wheel. The front wheel is at fault because the front wheel always goes down. It takes formidable cycling skills to come out of a wheel rub.

    Seriously though, glad you’re okay, the both of you. Judging by his bibs, he’s no weekend warrior. He’s got some bucks into those.

  3. Roady says:

    Ouch! Never any fun to leave skin on tarmac! Glad he’s mostly ok & hope that road rash cleared up easily/quickly!

    Fingers crossed he’s still a client!?

    Good work in the Alps, some good form considering the climbing you accomplished! Now all you need to do is carry it through the autumn/winter… 😉

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