N+1 squared

This past week we’ve been celebrating two new additions to the BikevCar family. The first was a new bike. Well, actually a second-hand beater which will live at my office in Bristol and serve as a city run-around and toddler taxi. Our daughter’s nursery is a couple of miles from my work and on roads that are generally gridlocked at rush hour. So this new bike should hopefully add a bit of enjoyment to an otherwise painful last leg of our commute.


Jammie dodger

The bigger news this week was the birth of my son. Wife and baby are both well and at home and we’re now adjusting to life with this new addition. Time is obviously scarce so I’ll keep this blog post brief.


4 thoughts on “N+1 squared

  1. biking2work says:

    Congratulations! Life doesn’t get much busier but definitely more complicated. Great use of the bike to bypass the inextricable frustration of waiting in traffic

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