Chew Valley CC Hill Climb 2018

At the end of last year I decided to host a hill climb race. The idea probably arrived at the end of an evening in the pub. How hard can it be? Surely all you need is a couple of stopwatches and some cake…


As it turned out, it was a lot of work. Similar to planning a wedding, except I had to find timekeepers instead of a Minister, Marshals rather than Ushers,  cake bakers as bridesmaids and a village hall instead of a church. As the big day loomed, I was worried that my diet hadn’t quite gone to plan and fitting into my dress was going to be a squeeze.

75 people signed up to race, including 16 from Chew Valley CC – most of whom had never raced before. Fortunately I had enough support from friends and family with running the day that I felt confident enough to race too. My wife and her family took charge of baking the cakes and running HQ. Friends signed up to race and offered to be marshals. And lots of the village came out to support. It gave the day a real community feel.

Click here for GoPro footage of Reuben Bakker-Dyos racing up the hill

I set myself off first so that I’d have time to get back down the hill and be ready for prizes and presentations. I’d ridden the hill quite a few times in the weeks leading up to the event so was pleased to set a PB. Racing was the least of my worries for the day; I’m not necessary advocating this but if you’re someone who gets really worried about racing then try racing in an event that you organise. The fear of racing is very much secondary to the fear of the event being a failure. I’d done my best to notify everyone who could be affected by the race (or could affect the race), but there’s always something unexpected that could happen.

The race was part of the district hill climb series so had attracted most of the best hill climbers in the region. So despite being 1st place amongst my friends and clubmates, I was 30th overall. If you invite all the big kids to your party, you have to accept that they might smash everything up!

Thanks for smashing my hill to pieces

Anabell Orenz and Andrew Feather produced dominant performances to claim victories. Feather was the only rider to go under 5 minutes with a time of 4:56 to secure his fourth consecutive victory at hill climb events.

The police even turned up mid-prize giving to answer a dubious complaint from a disgruntled neighbour who thought the noises of horns on the hill was hunt protesters. A friend commented that it’s not a proper party unless a neighbour calls the cops.

The noise culprits!

The event raised £150 which was donated to the local primary school to pay for Bikeability training for the kids. And was featured by BikeRadar in their weekly YouTube blog about hill climbing.

1 Andrew Feather BCR Racing 00:04:56
2 Sam Lindsay 73Degrees CC, WestSide Coaching 00:05:03
3 Phil Stonelake Bristol Road Club 00:05:12
4 Glyndwr Griffiths 73Degrees CC, WestSide Coaching 00:05:16
5 Joe Norledge Bristol South Cycling Club 00:05:17
6 Robert Borek Bristol South Cycling Club 00:05:19
7 Jamie Atkins University of Bristol Cycling Club 00:05:25
8 Ben Millar BikeCity T3 00:05:26
9 Joe Hawksworth Bristol South Cycling Club 00:05:27
10 Kevin Thomas Chippenham & District Wheelers 00:05:30
11 Ben Wainwright Team Tor 2000 | KALAS 00:05:39
12 Charles Coleman Velo Club Walcot 00:05:40
13 Reuben Bakker-dyos BikeRadar 00:05:42
14 Jack Phillips 73Degrees CC, WestSide Coaching 00:05:45
15 Michael Shute Mid Devon CC 00:05:45
16 Nick Livermore Bristol South Cycling Club 00:05:47
17 David Cullen Bristol South Cycling Club 00:05:48
18 Gordon Markus Severn Road Club 00:05:49
19 Jacques Coates Cycle Team Onform 00:05:50
20 Adam Whitehead Bristol South Cycling Club 00:05:50
21 James Pittard University of Bristol Cycling Club 00:05:52
22 Ted Cross University of Bristol Cycling Club 00:05:54
23 Adam Whittaker Salt and Sham Cycle Club 00:05:55
24 Steve Thomas Bristol Road Club 00:05:56
25 Matthew Skeats University of Bristol Cycling Club 00:06:02
26 Andrew Metherell Salt and Sham Cycle Club 00:06:02
27 Sean Leadbeater Severn Road Club 00:06:03
28 Elliot Brunt-murphy Radeon-Cycology RT 00:06:05
29 Jerry Rayner Westbury Wheelers 00:06:11
30 Mark Jerzak Chew Valley Cycling Club 00:06:18
31 Andrew Turner Bristol South Cycling Club 00:06:20
32 Michael Gates Maison du Velo – Storck Bikes UK 00:06:24
33 Jack Luke BikeRadar 00:06:28
34 Morgan Lloyd Towy Riders Cycle Club 00:06:32
35 Will Clarke DAS RAD KLUB 00:06:33
36 Anabell Orenz North Cotswold CC 00:06:34
37 Lauren Johnston Avid Sport 00:06:35
38 Andy Collins Chew Valley Cycling Club 00:06:36
39 John Grenfell A2B Cycle Repair Race Team 00:06:36
40 Jim Miller Chew Valley Cycling Club 00:06:38
41 Joanne Jago Performance Cycles CC 00:06:38
42 Cameron Porch Avid Sport 00:06:39
43 Jasmine Jones Cardiff Ajax CC 00:06:42
44 Robin Hunt Bristol Road Club 00:06:52
45 Kate Baker Avid Sport 00:06:57
46 Rob Nash Bristol South Cycling Club 00:06:58
47 Emily Slavin University of Bath Cycling Club 00:07:14
48 Gavin Estcourt Chew Valley Cycling Club 00:07:18
49 Becky Dodds Velo Club Walcot 00:07:29
50 Drew Murray Chew Valley Cycling Club 00:07:35
51 Heidi Blunden The Racing Chance Foundation 00:07:43
52 Steven Mabey Chew Valley Cycling Club 00:07:52
53 Katherine Brand Bristol South Cycling Club 00:07:56
54 Richard Burt Solihull CC 00:08:05
55 Philip Peat Chew Valley Cycling Club 00:08:11
56 Michael Willis Performance Cycles CC 00:08:23
57 James Manthorp Chew Valley Cycling Club 00:08:27
58 James Pike Chew Valley Cycling Club 00:08:27
59 Michael Shaw Chew Valley Cycling Club 00:08:37
60 Louis Pearn Chew Valley Cycling Club 00:13:48

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