Potholes and pancaked possessions

After a covering 130 commuter miles in the week, Saturday was designated a ‘rest day’. However Saturday was a gorgeous, sunny day and with my wife away for the weekend there was only going to be one outcome. Out came the bike!

I rode the racing bike and noticed a huge difference in my speed. It was a great feeling to be flying along without a heavy bag on my back and I competitively used the opportunity to properly take on the Strava segments of my commute. The only downer was when I hit a nasty pothole sending my water bottle flying out of its cage. I slowed down and looked over my shoulder to see a following car accidentally (I hope!) run straight over it. I circled round and picked up my squashed and empty bottle. A couple of miles later I stopped at a shop to buy a bottle of water to refill and found an extra £10 note in the depths of my saddle bag. As they say, “every cloud …” At least I can use the ‘bonus money’ to buy a new water bottle.

I'd never make a water-carrier

My weekly cycle mileage was 170 versus just 15 miles by car. A huge victory and hopefully a fair indication of my new lifestyle choice.