2011 Summary

The challenge after 29 weeks

In June 2011 I set myself a challenge to try and cycle more miles on my new bike, than I drove in my new car. Things started badly for the challenge but a small recovery for the bike raised hopes before they were cruelly smashed to pieces by my employer who forced me to work away from home with a weekly 500 mile commute. Fortunately for the challenge I have just quit my awful job and intend to find something more local in 2012. Unfortunately for the challenge we made full use of the final few days of my company car by visiting relatives all over England adding another 900 miles to the already near-impossible total.

Does bike mileage count if it's strapped to the back of the car?! Unfortunately not

This leaves a car total for 2011 of 8710 miles.

If only I knew how to fiddle the odometer

The bike total for 2011 stands at 1295 miles. I think I need to ignore the challenge for one moment and find some satisfaction in clocking 1295 miles in my first year of cycling. And it wasn’t even a full year. I’ve loved riding my bike and and the great feeling of my fitness improving. Other side effects like losing weight and seeing my resting heart rate drop have also been enjoyable. I’ve already entered a couple of sportives for 2012 and fully intend to take my cycling ability to a new level. And finally I’ve enjoyed writing a blog and entering the blogging ‘community’. So for those reasons I intend to keep the challenge going in 2012 in the hope that I can knock a serious dent into the target set in my first year.

After all that serious stuff, time for some light-hearted french cycling comedy.

2 thoughts on “2011 Summary

    • jerzak80 says:

      Many thanks for the fine award. By far and away my greatest blogging accolade to date! Plus I don’t have any homework to do either – I can just bask in the glory!

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