Cycling for transport

I had a few errands to run today. Normally I would have jumped in the car … but since I don’t have a car I jumped on the bike. But not before I’d replaced my clip-less pedals – nobody wants to see a man in cycling shoes waddling down the high street like a penguin. I blew the dust off my flat pedals with toe straps and attached them to the bike.

At the first set of traffic lights I quickly realised I forgotten about the dangers of strapping your shoes too tightly to the pedals and fell dramatically onto the pavement. Waddling like a penguin or collapsing at a busy traffic junction? It’s a tough call but I still think I made the right choice!

Using a bike for transport means leaving it padlocked and hoping that it’s in a place where nobody will steal it. On this occasion it was ok.

"Come back. Don't leave me!"

Rather than taking quiet back roads as I normally do on training rides, I mostly went along main roads. However most car drivers were courteous and gave me plenty of room. Bristol seems like a nice place to cycle so long may that continue. 12 bonus cycling miles today.


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