Life ain’t bad

Not only has Winter suddenly ended, but we seem to have leapfrogged Spring and gone straight into Summer. Over the last week I spent a couple of days assisting on a project within spitting distance of home, then had a free day to explore the West Coast on my bike looking for a new home and ended the week cycling in shorts and short-sleeves in the sun to my resurrected project in Nailsea . The only problem I have had was running out of water on a 40 mile ride – I had forgotten how thirsty work it is to cycle in the sun.

This has lead to further gains to the bike vs the car.

The challenge after 40 weeks

This weekend is our two year wedding anniversary and we will be heading back to Kent for my brother’s birthday (yes, we got married on his birthday) before going out for dinner in London. This means a weekend without cycling, but we will be travelling by train so no driving either. Maybe for our next anniversary we can take some inspiration from this card which arrived today from my Nan. We’ve accomplished wallpapering together which is a real test for any marriage – so I’m sure we could handle a tandem.

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