three bikes is one too many

With three bikes currently at my disposal I may now be finally fulfilling Rule 12, but I can’t help thinking that three bikes seems an excessive amount and if it were a permanent feature would cause me further anxiety about good bikes not being used. The third bike in my possession is borrowed from my father-in-law and can now be rightfully returned to its owner having successfully served its purpose of getting me addicted to cycling.

The graph below shows the usage of the three bikes over the last 48 weeks since the Bike V Car Challenge was created. It’s quite difficult to find anything interesting to say about such a boring graph, but I guess it shows that the Carerra is the workhorse and the Fuji and Merckx are a couple of fair weather show ponies. It also pointed out to me that the Bike V Car Challenge and blog is 4 weeks away from its first anniversary. This is far more interesting than the graph itself.

Producing this graph somehow seemed like a good idea but has turned out to be about as interesting as this caption

Stay tuned for further interesting stats and figures represented in graphical format 😉

7 thoughts on “three bikes is one too many

    • bikevcar says:

      We will be moving to a new house this weekend which has a garage and a shed. More space for bikes … and more importantly bike tools, equipment and spare parts!

    • bikevcar says:

      That is very true, although I have a feeling my ‘D’ value is currently around 4 or 5 having successfully encouraged my wife to buy a bike. The amazing W+n factor!

  1. AndrewGills says:

    I too am jealous of your problem 🙂 I’d love to add a folding bike to my little stable. I currently have a 15 year old carbon fibre road racing bike and a recycled mountain bike built from components of unknown age, brand or origin. A folding bike would be fun to take with me on the back of my motorbike.

    • bikevcar says:

      15 years old? That must’ve been worth a few quid in its day. When I think of folding bikes I think of commuter Bromptons. But this isn’t all bad – I took part in a road bike sportive last year which also had a folding bike competition. The “Brompton World Championships” where all the participants dress in tweed or three-piece suits and have to unfold their bike and race a short course. It was hilarious to watch. Check out this link:

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