A new commute

Wherever I lay my bike, that's my home ...

I had an enjoyable start to the week today. I had a free morning to explore the local area around my new construction site while waiting for the first major delivery  – the site cabins. Over the weekend I had discovered Strava and its addictive competitiveness and so this morning I embarked on a 38 mile tour of all the Strava segments between home and my new workplace. This involved a few steep hills and also a couple of longer flat stretches.

A hilly start to the week

It was good to be using the bike again as transport, although the delivery driver in his huge lorry was slightly bemused when I spotted him waiting a few hundred metres up the road and cycled over to tell him to follow me to the site. After a few jokes about the recession having bitten the company car scheme he proceeded to tell me about his cycling accomplishments in former glory days. Tomorrow I will have to borrow my wife’s car to move all of my equipment to site but I’m hoping to limit my car miles and get into the cycle-commuting from then on.

My new route to work

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