Stat attack – a challenge update

After a disappointing end to 2011 in the Bike V Car Challenge, there have been good signs of a recovery in 2012:

Current overall performance


To the extent that had the Challenge commenced in 2012 we would be looking at an overall lead to the Bike:

A good competitive contest


However, looking forward based on their respective 2012 performances it would be another 4 years until the Bike catches up. No point getting too excited yet!

Just another 19,000 miles to cycle then


2 thoughts on “Stat attack – a challenge update

  1. hilarydavies says:

    hmmmm … love this! looking at 2012 only it seems there is a case for log growth (car) vs. exp growth (bike). try extrapolating that and BIKE WILL WIN VERY SOON. then you can get another bike!

    • jerzak80 says:

      If a new bike purchase is allowable once the catch up is complete then I will certainly look at other ways of interpreting the data … and other ways to cycle more!

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