The end of a big cycling week

I cycled over 300 miles this week. This is my biggest week ever and has seen a few notable events along the way:

300+ miles for the bike. A nominal amount for the car

The (insane) Strava Challenge continues at a good pace

A rapid blue line recovery here too. Go bike!

My first roadside puncture. There's surely never a good time to get a flat, but during a 70 mile Sportive in the wind and freezing rain wasn't great. It took me 15 minutes to replace the inner tube. I'd like to get quicker but could honestly do without further practice!

4 thoughts on “The end of a big cycling week

  1. bikevcar says:

    Yeah it certainly didn’t feel normal. Even managed to squeeze in a rest day so that’s an average of 50 miles per day. The car’s lead is diminishing …

  2. bikedayton says:

    Wow 300 miles is a great achievement! I just went back over my records for the last few years and I have a number of 250+ weeks but never a 300! Congratulations!

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