Two weeks of bicycle dominance

The last 2 weeks has seen some huge bicycle recovery in the BikeVCar Challenge – I have cycled 900 km and driven just 60 km. Admittedly 545 km was during the Tour of Wessex, but significantly the other 355 km were due to my new, longer commute to work. Yesterday, we experienced gale-forced winds which brought down tree branches and made cycling progress very slow. My 25 km commute was almost all on the little ring. A friend commented that he’d contemplated taking off his cycling jacket and holding it above his head as a sail!

I must admit that I bought a copy of Auto Trader Magazine at lunchtime to have a look at the used car market but I’m still hoping to hold out. The £1000 needed for a crappy 10 year old hatchback would buy a lovely new pair of racing wheels for the Merckx!

Still a mountain to climb but things have been improving over the last 5 months

In preparation for last weekend’s Tour of Wessex, I rode the new Merckx bike to work a few days. I had only intended to commute on it one day, but it was such a pleasure that I couldn’t bring myself to switch back to the Carerra. I went to the extreme lengths of locking the bike inside my meeting room and checking on it every couple of hours to make sure it was still there. Last week I was back on the Carerra and it was a massive difference, which in many ways was reassuring that I had made the right purchase. However, yesterday it felt especially bad and I noticed that the rear wheel was wiggling quite badly. This afternoon I took a closer look and found that another spoke had broken. I will replace the spoke and true the wheel in due course, but for now the Carerra is out of action meaning next week’s commute will be conducted on the Merckx. If I have any further problems with the Carerra wheels then I think I will put the Merckx standard-issue wheels on the Carerra and buy some top quality racing wheels for the Merckx. These wheels will likely cost the same as a cheap second hand car and is clearly the most ‘sensible’ way to prevent a car purchase!

The Merckx is well on its way to its first 1000 km

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