Every morning after I’ve scraped the ice off the windscreen I embark on a terrifying drive along the dark and tight little country lanes from my house. I barely recognise them from the roads I used to cycle along.


The view from my car this morning did not make me feel like I should be cycling

On top of suffering from ‘seasonal affective disorder’ I have also been injured which required a first visit to an osteopath. I then spent a week abstaining from exercise which was more difficult than abstaining from a beer on a Friday evening, but yesterday I did feel strong enough to go for a run. This was probably only the second time I’ve run for several months and it was fairly ok – although running along freezing cold and pitch black country lanes required wearing a hideous outfit of man-tights and a high vis top, like I was some sort of ballet-dancing builder. However, when topped off by the pinnacle of all geekiness – the head torch, I was quite frankly embarrassed just walking past our neighbours house. Luckily it was too dark to be recognised by anyone, but I still pulled my beanie hat over my head just to be sure. Last weekend we also went walking in the Cotswolds which was another enjoyable semi-substitute for cycling.

Winter shadows on frozen fields

Winter shadows on frozen fields

I have not updated the bike v car graph for a few weeks as the recent car-dominance may not look good. Hopefully it will however be good motivation to get back on the catch-up trail come Spring.

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