The perils of a [slightly carefree] high protein diet

On top of cycling 80 miles per week, I visit the gym every weekday morning to lift weights. Over the last 8 weeks I had managed to increase my bodyweight by 2kg by training regularly, progressively lifting heavier weights and by eating lots. With my new found love of cycling I have had to further increase my daily food intake to 3500+ calories just to maintain my bodyweight.

Unfortunately, last weekend it all went spectacularly wrong. On Saturday after my 50 mile cycle ride I was in serious need of food and carelessly decided to munch 2 tuna wraps that I had made for work on Friday and not eaten. They had sat festering in my bag all day at work. Needless to say, the end result was 5 days of misery, my life consisting of nothing more than trips between bed and toilet. After five awful days I managed to convince the National Health Service to prescribe me some antibiotics which resolved my ‘campylobacter’ illness within the next 24 hours.

During this period, my bike didn’t cover any mileage. Fortunately my wife only drove the car about 10 miles but unfortunately I lost about 4kg in body weight.¬†The lesson learned is to be more careful with what I eat – no easy task when trying to consume 3500 calories a day.

I will be back on the bike next week in my preparations for heading to the Alps for the last few stages of the Tour de France (not to compete – I hope to be sipping an ice cold Kronenbourg as the riders pass by!)

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