The Cycling Stuntman

My Dad recently alerted me to this fine piece of vintage cycling comedy. At first viewing I thought it was another modern ‘mockumentary’ of someone being absurdly gauche. But it turns out to be honest 1970s British reporting. The world may not have changed for the better over the last 40 years, but man has it changed. Enjoy:

Evel Knievel he ain’t!

(hopefully the link works outside the UK – international viewers please let me know …)

12 thoughts on “The Cycling Stuntman

    • bikevcar says:

      I reckon I could get my hands on most of the equipment, but the bright red tank top and huge flares that his apprentice was wearing could be tricky.

    • bikevcar says:

      I suspected it might not work outside the UK but couldn’t find it on youtube. You’ll just have to take my word that it was a bizarre masterpiece

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